[Berzelius-users] Berzelius downtime on 2nd of May

Filip Polbratt octol at nsc.liu.se
Mon Apr 22 10:24:35 CEST 2024

Dear Berzelius Users,

on Thursday the 2nd of May we will start a maintenance window for 
several tasks that require downtime of the cluster. We are scheduling 
this maintenance window to start on the 2nd at 08:00 and to last the 
entire day. The primary reason for the downtime is to update our 
scheduler Slurm. This is a low risk routine operation. No external staff 
are involved.

*A* login node will be available at all times, but all login nodes will 
be rebooted during the maintenance. Use berzelius.nsc.liu.se to connect 
instead of connecting directly to a login node. Interactive tasks 
running on the nodes will be stopped and must be restarted manually 
after the maintenance window. Some compute nodes will likely be returned 
to service early.

Best regards,
Filip Polbratt

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