[Snic-users] Planned maintenance on Saturday affecting some applications on Tetralith/Sigma

Mats Kronberg kronberg at nsc.liu.se
Mon Jun 22 15:53:15 CEST 2020

Dear Tetralith and Sigma users,

On Saturday, June 27th, some central Linköping University services will
be unavailable due to a planned power outage.

This affects Tetralith and Sigma in some ways:

- The LiU license servers for MATLAB will be will be unavailable for at
  least parts of the day. This affects non-LiU users too unless you have
  specifically told MATLAB to use your own university's license server.

- The LiU Mathematica, COMSOL and Gurobi license servers will be
  unavailable for at least parts of the day. This should only affect LiU
  users of these applications.

Jobs that use these applications on Saturday might fail to start, fail
while running or hang without making progress, all depending on how the
application behaves when the license servers are not available or become
unavailable while it is already running.

If you know that you use one of the above applications you might want to
take an extra look at your jobs after Saturday to make sure they're
running properly.

Email to our support address (support at nsc.liu.se) might be delayed, so
if you send an email to that address on Saturday don't be alarmed if you
don't get an immediate usual automatic reply.

We do not believe that other NSC services will be significantly

Information from LiU-IT (source: https://insidan.liu.se/it/driftinfo/):

> On Saturday 27:th of June at 9 am to 5 pm, there will be power outages in several of our computer centrals that will affect major outages on the majority of the central IT-systems at the university.
> The following are some of the systems that will be affected:
> Central services:
> liu.se
> Fillagret - central file storage
> LDAP / CAS (login via these systems)
> LiUdesk
> Mailman
> smtp.liu.se
> VPN (remote.it.liu.se)
> VPN for students
> Program installation on computer
> Licensing servers
> Managed Linux clients for employees
> Research / education:
> Computer room clients (who mount things from Fillagret)
> thinlinc.edu.liu.se
> ssh.edu.liu.se
> rdpklienter.edu.liu.se
> mariadb.edu.liu.se
> sas.edu.liu.se
> sas-exam.edu.liu.se
> LiU app
> Schedule Planner
> Online exam services (atpda - PDAs, exams - WiseFlow, TAL prod - TALS exam)
> LiUdok
> @Home
> Snickerboa (Security Shepherd)
> Sommarvisa
> Page (vwase research project)
> Other:
> Firewall IDA / Pelab (Levant / Mistral)
> lkplindp1.it.liu.se (package distribution for linux clients)
> blackwood.it.liu.se
> greenwood.it.liu.se
> Theseus - relay logs for clients
> wLAN Block
> ca.it.liu.se - certificate requests
> Plus a whole lot more. Do not expect to be able to work normally during the downtime.
> /The IT division

Mats Kronberg, NSC Support <support at nsc.liu.se>

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