[Berzelius-users] Update - Expansion of Berzelius and related downtime

Henrik Henriksson hx at nsc.liu.se
Thu Apr 13 15:09:39 CEST 2023

Dear Berzelius users,

As you may be aware of, we are expanding the SuperPOD Berzelius with 34
additional nodes, along with additional storage and networking. More information
on the upgrade can be found on our website [0].

The previously announced preliminary downtimes will most likely be moved forward
a few weeks. As of now, our best estimates indicate these times:

- From April 20 the physical installation and setup of new hardware will begin.
   This should not affect the operation of Berzelius, and we expect the cluster
   to be fully operational.

- Full stop May 9 to May 16. All compute nodes and login nodes will be
   unavailable during the full window. Any data stored on Berzelius will be
   unavailable during this window. This window is used for the final parts of the
   physical installation, final configuration, tests and benchmarks.

- After May 16, we expect Berzelius to be operational. However, we may run
   additional tests and benchmarks. As such, while we expect the cluster to be
   fully operational, we may occasionally allocate the entire cluster, thus
   blocking the queue for other jobs.

Please note that these dates are still preliminary and may change. We will send
out updated information when final dates are decided or if any major changes
occur. Please reach out to us with any questions or comments.

[0] https://nsc.liu.se/2023/01/24/Berzelius-expansion.html

Best regards,
Henrik Henriksson

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